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Dokan Stripe Connect


Download the add-on from your account, upload and activate from wp-admin → Plugins → Add New.


To enable this payment gateway, you have to go to wp-admin → WooCommerce → Settings→ Checkout and you will see a new tab named Dokan Stripe Connect.

Where to enable stripe for dokan in WooCommerce
Where to enable stripe for dokan in WooCommerce

We will check the “Enable Stripe” check box for now and scroll down to checkout the options.

The title should be “Credit Card” and you can keep the description as it is by default. As you are installing this add-on for the first time, you should enable the test mode and check if everything is going alright or not.

If you enable stripe checkout, then a popup modal will open and will ask for credentials to pay. You can either turn this on or off. It is totally optional.

As we are going to use this add-on for the first time and already enabled test mode, so we will skip the live credentials part.

How to get the credentials

First of all, we have to sign up on stripe.com and verify our mail address.

Then login and move on to the dashboard. The account status will be shown on the top left corner and it should be on test state by default. If not please click to switch.

Then you have to click on “Your Account” menu on top right corner and from the dropdown, you have to click account settings.

A New modal will open and you will be able to see all the settings that you need to make.

Stripe Test Mode Switcher
Stripe Test Mode Switcher

We will click on the API tab and as we are testing for the first time, we will copy paste the “Test Secret Key” and “Test Publishable Key” from here. When we will be using this gateway to get our actual payments form the customers, we will turn off the test mode and copy paste the “Live Secret Key” and “Live Publishable Key” and use on the previous place.

Where to get stripe API credentials
Where to get stripe API credentials

The only thing we need more is the “Test Client ID”. To get that we have to move on to the connect tab to authorize our site and provide some details to use the service of Stripe Connect. After doing all this, we will be able to see the client_ID field.

Stripe Connect details
Stripe Connect details

As I am testing on my local environment, I have written the local address here. And guess what? Unlike PayPal Adaptive, this payment gateway works in localhost too. But you must have internet to complete the payment steps.

The redirect URIs is really important here. Because this is the page that the user will be redirected to upon successful (sometimes unsuccessful) payment. Though the stripe people have not made this field mandatory, but without this URI your users might see a blank page or the payment might not get completed.

So we are done with getting the credentials here. Now we will move on to activating it for the sellers.

Activating for sellers

When a new seller signs up on your site, he is asked to complete his profile and provide the payment details in the settings panel to receive the money in future.
The option the seller can see in his account settings panel can be controlled from wp-admin → Dokan → Settings → Selling Options → Withdraw methods.

Activate stripe connect from selling options
Activate stripe connect from selling options

As we have installed a new payment gateway, we will see one extra option for that. We have to check the box to let the seller use and hit save.

So after this, all the sellers will be able to see one more tab in their settings page and clicking on the tab of Stripe Connect tab will show a button to add their account on your site. As you already have added API access to your site. The details of the sellers will be added automatically to your system. No manual input is needed.

Stripe Connect button on sellers dashboard settings
Stripe Connect button on sellers dashboard settings


If the seller is logged into his account, then he will see a confirmation message that his account is connected and you are done!


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