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Kanban Board

Kanban Board lets you see all your current tasks created within a project and organize them in a nice, effectivey and easy-to-manage way. Upon installation of the add-on, four different boards will be created automatically. You can create custom boards according to your needs.



Primarily, the boards represent the current status of your task. You can see Backlog, To Do, Work in progress, and Done boards by default. All your tasks will be there and you can simply drag and drop between boards based on the current status of a task.

Add New Task

To add a new task under a specific board, simply click “+Add More Task” button at the bottom of the board. Add New Task window will show up.



After creating a new task, you can simply drag and drop them between boards as you like it.

Create Custom Boards


Kanban Board doesn’t limit you to just four default boards. You can create custom boards and organize specific tasks under them. If a board is no longer necessary, you can delete them as well making sure your project page remains neat and clean.

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