How to install and use Dokan Radius Search add-on

Dokan Radius Search

Power your marketplace with “Dokan Radius Search” add-on which shows your nearest stores with google map. This add-on takes the address and distance from your customer and returns with nearest matches sorted by distance, complete with online Google map, Store info and more. So let’s get the advantages of this cool add-on.

How to install:

The installation process is similar to any WordPress plugin. Navigate to WP-admin → Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin and upload the .zip file that you are downloaded from your account and activate.


This add-on doesn’t require any configuration by user, seller or customer, but its require to create a page with a shortcode for radius search menu by admin. You will find the short code from plugin page and just copy that.

Short code copy from plugins
Shortcode copy from plugins

How to create a page for radius search:

It is very easy to create a page for radius search. Just follow this steps:

  1. Pages: Just go to your pages menu for creating a page.
  2. Add New: Click Add New to add a new page.
  3. Page title: Write here your page title as radius search.
  4. Text box: Paste here the short code which you had copied from plugins or write this shortcode [dokan-radius-search].
  5. Publish: Click here to publish radius search page and you are done.
Creat page for radius search manu
Creating page and inserting shortcode

How to find nearest stores:

It’s very simple to search nearest stores by the radius search just log in and follow steps:

  1. Radius Search: Click here to search stores.
  2. Address Box: Type your address here.
  3. Distance Box: Type a Radius in KM.
  4. Search Button: Click here to search.
  5. Visit Store: After clicking search button you will see stores then click visit store to see all information of that store and you are done.
how to see Radias search
Using Radius Search

If you have any feature request or having difficulty to understand this doc, please let us know in our support forum.

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