Zapier integration WP Project Manager

Integrating Zapier with your Project Manager will enable you to automatically send a notification mail to your predefined email address in case if a new project, a new to-do, a new message or a new milestone was created.


  • 1. WordPress
  • 2. WP Project Manager
  • 3. WP Project Manager – Zapier add-on


Install the add-on as any other plugin by uploading and activating the add-on. If successful you will get a Zapier menu inside your wp-admin ? project manager. Inside the menu you will find this panel.

zapier integration blanck fields



Create the API on the Zapier website, create the webhooks and then feed the information to the related fields of your Project Manager Zapier page and hit save. You can additionally add a custom message with the “New project” field. For help with creating a new trigger please follow their documentation site.

zapier web hook
Getting the Zapier Webhook


input the webhook
Input the webhook into PM


Now create a demo project in your Project Manager, add a to-do that project and add a milestone. Check the mail you have setup with Zapier to see if the mailing system is working properly. If yes, congratulations! You have successfull integrated Zapier with your WP Project Manager.

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